Day: May 3, 2024

Why You Need a Traffic Violations Lawyer Near MeWhy You Need a Traffic Violations Lawyer Near Me

traffic violations lawyer near me

When you’re faced with a traffic violations lawyer near me, the choice is whether to pay the fine and admit guilt or fight the ticket in court. A traffic violations lawyer can help you save time and money by fighting the ticket on your behalf. They can dispute the police officer’s personal opinion or evidence, argue that you were driving legally, and work to have the case dismissed. They can also represent you if you’re facing license suspension, as they have the experience needed to get your license back.

Most traffic offenses are non-criminal “traffic infractions,” but some, like reckless driving, can lead to a criminal record and license revocation. Regardless of the type of violation, a traffic lawyer can make the difference between losing your license and avoiding a fine, insurance rate hikes and even points on your driving record.

Finding Legal Help: Traffic Violations Lawyer Near Me

nytrafficticketlawyers have knowledge of local traffic laws, the legal system, and how prosecutors and courts handle these cases. They can negotiate with prosecutors to have traffic tickets reduced to parking tickets or other charges that don’t result in point accumulation and possible insurance rate increases. They can also defend you in traffic court if you need to appear in person to contest the charge.

A traffic attorney can also help you avoid license suspension, which happens when you collect too many points in a short period of time. It is important to contact a traffic attorney as soon as possible, as the law states that you have only 15 days from the date of the violation to respond.