Conference Programme

Friday 27 January

[18:00-18:30] Opening

[18:30-20:00] 1st panel – Chair: Nikos Paraskevopoulos (Audio)

Fani Giannoussi, The people, the crowd and the multitude. Aspects of the modern subject in late 19th century
Alexandros Kioupkiolis, The people or the multitude? When naming is not only of literary interest.

[20:00-21:00] Documentary screening: ‘Populism: manipulation or emancipation’ (directed by Giorgos Keramidiotis)

Saturday 28 January

[10:00-12:00] 2nd panel – Chair: Nicolas Demertzis (Audio)

• Christos Lyrintzis, Theoretical approaches and practical implications: Faces of populism in Greece
• Yannis Balabanidis & Katerina Lambrinou, Greece in crisis: Populisms without hegemony
• Yannis Stavrakakis, The people and populist discourse in the shadow of the European crisis
• Loudovikos Kotsonopoulos, Populism: Methodological use and political management of an ambiguous concept

Coffee Break

[12:30-14:00] 3rd panel – Chair: Theodore Chadjipandelis (Audio)

• Andreas Pantazopoulos, Populism and nationalism
• Vassiliki Georgiadou, Versions of populism in the European far-right
• Dimosthenis Papadatos-Anagnostopoulos, Modernisation of the far-right and technocratic populism

[14:00-16:00] Lunch Break

[16:00-17:30] 4th panel – Chair: Michalis Spourdalakis (Audiovisual) 

• Nikolas Sevastakis, Populism as pathology: Reflactions on the formation of ‘technocratic anti-populism’
• Giorgos Katsambekis, Anti-populism: A new ‘fear of the masses’ for the 21st century?
• Thomas Siomos, Tele-populism, media-populism, anti-populism and democracy

Coffee Break

[18:00-20:00] Round table – Chair: Giorgos Paschos (Audio)

• Nicos Mouzelis
• Nicolas Demertzis
• Michalis Spourdalakis
• Kostas Stamatis

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